It all begins with a dream...


Cape Town's bid for the 2016 Olympic games and Paralympic games will draw on all that Cape Town has to offer, by setting the games at the very heart, of this, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Making use of some of Cape Town's most loved historical landmarks and existing world class sports facilities this will be amongst the most memorable and most magical games for Africa and for the World.

The 25,000 capacity Sahara Park Newlands, the host to the cricket world cup opening ceremony, with one of the most spectacular backdrops in the world will be the venue for archery.


The football tournament held in some of the best world class stadia across South Africa used for the 2010 soccer world cup will climax in finals at the 50,000 seat Newlands rugby stadium 12km from the Olympic Park and the new 80,000 capacity Olympic stadium situated at the Olympic Park. Robben Island, the world heritage site on which Nelson Mandela was imprisoned will become the venue for shot put, providing a majestic view of Cape Town's most well known symbol, Table Mountain.


Ensuring the games have a distinct character, the games will also take advantage of some of Cape Town's most loved landmarks. Cape Town's previously disadvantaged areas will receive maximum benefit from the games and world class indoor sports centres at Mew Way, Phillpi East and Belhar will stage, the Boxing Competition, Basketball Prelims and Judo and Taekwondo Events, ensuring that all of Cape Town experiences the joy, excitement and drama of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Greenpoint Common Area as well as hosting the triathlon events, the new futuristic tennis centre (including a 12,000 seat centre court) an indoor arena and football matches at the newly upgraded 25,000 seat Greenpoint stadium, will be one of the many locations to bring the city alive with nightly concerts and celebrations. The Olympic spirit will touch all of Cape Town transforming its most beautiful areas into Olympic sites. The twelve apostles will provide a stunning and breathtaking backdrop to the beach volleyball event at camps bay beach.



But this games isn't just about using what Cape Town already has to offer, it's also about creating a legacy for the future, by the most extensive transformation Cape Town has seen for generations. The new purpose built Olympic park is just 11 km from central Cape Town, every aspect of the design and layout has been planned to meet the future needs of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, NOC's, international federations and the IOC. The centre piece will be a 80,000 seat state of the art Olympic stadium which will sit alongside a 16,000 seat aquatic centre with retractable roof. The new 17,000 seat Olympic Superbowl will provide a spacious and world class indoor arena for basketball and artistic gymnastics. Two other indoor arenas will provide a home for handball, rhythmic gymnastics and


The Olympic Park will form part of the "Olympic Corridor"; a horizontal stretch along the N1 linking the Olympic Park to the "City Zone"; and ensuring a compact, streamlined and efficient venue and transport plan. The Inner Olympic Ring consists of venues within a 10km radius of the Olympic Village, including the Hartleyvale Hockey Venue, the 6,000 seater Bellville Velodrome and the Athlone Sports Complex which includes the 40,000 seater Athlone Stadium. The Olympic Outer Ring comprises of venues that are within a 20km radius of the Olympic Village including many of the previously disadvantaged areas and only Sailing and Modern Pentathlon within the Western Cape will be more than 45km from the Olympic Village, but they are strategically placed to ensure that spectators enjoy the rich floral beauty that the Western Cape has to offer and also ensuring that these regions benefit from world class sports facilities.

The Olympic village will provide secure, spacious and comfortable accommodation for all athletes and team delegations; it sits within the Olympic park besides the Olympic River and across a bridge from the Olympic Nations Square. Other existing venues such as the Good hope centre and the excellent Cape Town International Convention Centre will be used for table tennis, wrestling and weightlifting this ensures that over 80% of athletes will complete within 20km of the Olympic village, making this, one of the most compact games ever.


Central Cape Town is just 9 minutes away by train via a new high speed shuttle service. Five other rail and underground lines will form the basis of a comprehensive public transport system capable of moving 200,000 people an hour, quickly, efficiently and reliably.


And when the games are over Cape Town will have greatly needed sports facilities enabling it to host future African and World championships. The Olympic park will house a new world class institute of sports and the area will be transformed with the development of new parklands, homes and businesses, creating a sustainable community with sport at its heart. The 2016 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will transform Cape Town and Cape Town will bring to the games the Capetonian flavour and creativity, the Western Cape's beauty and the South African passion for sport.